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Delivering real-time, intelligent orebody and rock mass characterisation

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RockAI delivers highly accurate, intelligent orebody and rock mass characterisation models in real time. This knowledge enhances mining sustainability by reducing waste through decarbonised, efficient and safe operations and enables greater recovery of critical minerals. This cutting-edge technology combines data fusion with advanced machine learning algorithms to provide highly accurate subsurface models.

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Data Fusion

Datasets should not exist in isolation. Supports a holistic understanding of subsurface conditions

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Machine Learning

Leveraging existing data to glean novel insights through intelligent, predictive modelling.


Analytical results available immediately to support decision making in existing workflows



How can this increase the efficiency of operations?

Fragmentation can be optimised with high-resolution subsurface models. Operational efficiency is improved in downstream processes, e.g. digging, hauling and crushing

How does this support operatiaonal decarbonisation and sustainability?

Trucks emit fewer greenhouse gases when they do not spend unnecessary time queuing to be loaded at the dig face and at the crusher. More material can be moved with fewer trucks if loaded to capacity.

How will this improve personnel and asset safety?

Potential geotechnical hazards can be identified and eliminated through blasting to reduce risk to personnel. Less hard dig means fewer breakdowns of equipment from unnecessary wear and tear.

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